A Comedian Actor of Indian Film Industries


Introduction :- #Rajpal Yadav (Birth on 16 march 1971) was born in #UttarPradesh’s Lucknow district in #Shahjahanpur district.Their initial studies Shahjahanpur from there. After 1992-1994 during Yadav Lucknow #Bharatendu Theatrical Academy in theaters turning of. There are 2 years course after 1994-1997 by Yadav #Delhi National School of drama gone.Then he 1997 Indian film Industry in your luck to try Mumbai come. Fate of him, and today he hindi movies of all the comedians in one.

Rajpal’s Film Life :- Rajpal started his film career in 1999 and his first film Dil Kya Kare.He has made many famous film in his film career. Rajpal married Radha Yadav on June 10, 2003.He received many best actor awards in his film career.

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  1. Rajpal is a hilarious man, I laugh alongside him so much. Laughing at funny guys without them realising it is a top hobby of mine. A great article that wasn’t at all pinched from Wikipedia with a few words changed. Wonderful. Thank you.

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    1. Thank Em Linthorpe I too laugh at Rajpal’s comedy myself and i am very impressed by the tone of his speech.

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